Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~Who is an Engineer~

What happened in one’s mind when they hear word of engineers is it seems Engineers are bunch of SmArT people who working in very complex and difficult matter ^_^….. Mmmm yes they must deal with so many complex problems …. But actually an engineer is someone who should able find the way to make complex problems become simple and possible to be solved….
However some engineers love to make small things look sooooooo complicated ^_^
By the way.... not all engineers are SmArt, but mostly they make themselves looking smart ^_^
In old time, when there were no sophisticated tools to help an engineer making design, they still could make masterpiece in design. They have a great sense of engineering quite accurately by just a first look. The engineering things are like their blood and their breath…
Nowadays some engineers lazy to use their brain…. Jump straight away to the software and just believe in it fully (Remember : garbage in - garbage out )…. They do kind of unnecessary analysis like want to kill a mouse use the nuclear weapon ^_^
The basic things that I learn so far as an engineer is how to be simple in design, safe, economic, quick solve and if possible make it look artistic. We have to grabs the fundamental, basic and the philosophy of design, that will help to simplify our thought and able to see outside the box.... ...
What I always remember from my lecturer back from my college time… he used to say … “Simple design is the best”…… He said it many times even when he was teaching about how to design building that resist of earthquake.......That word is very true, especially when we have been in work field.... We have to provide things as simple as possible so that all will understand and able work in our design quickly....
Indeed… even in our life.. simple life is beautiful and peace ^_^
Rytha Batam 6 February 2008

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