Friday, September 4, 2009

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Assallammu'alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh

Sigh*.... I have to update this blog before my career as engineer finish ;).... Mmmm what to write ... Any idea??....From the frequency I am updating my blog it can be identified if I am a very busy engineer (read :lazy engineer :) ).

Anyway.... I am going to share little bit what I have been doing so far for more than 3 year in my work as structural engineer aka construction Engineer, specifically in offshore fabrication.

Structural engineer sound more sophisticated :)..They usually more into the design, create something, etc... But construction engineer... They are more work for supporting the fabrication, how to make the design possible to be constructed. Designing are there… such as temporary support design, lifting lugs designs, little little about foundation and concrete design and few more.

From my experience, some people recognize us the construction engineer as the lifting engineer :). It’s because we work on lifting or stacking. Actually we work in some many other things also. But because if we lift thousands tons of deck it is more eye catching and look “spectacular” …

We move pancakes, piles, anything from one place to another. Assemble the pancake one by one. Roll up the frame, jacket, legs, etc. Flip over, jack up, weighing and finally send what have been built to the barge (a big ship) so that they can be installed in the destination place (in open sea).

Pancake here…not kind that pancake that we eat, but it’s a name that we give for a splice of deck (platform). It’s made from steel aka kind of iron. The jacket is the leg of the platform.

Heavy equipments such as trailers; cranes, forklift etc are out best friend, because we need them to execute our design.

The changeling here is when we have to invent a method to do something. Most of time we already have method template from the previous senior engineer. As an lazy engineer… those template so much helpful for me :)

Inshallah next time will share what is made in fabrication …

Batam 4 Sept 2009

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