Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~A Question from Hubby Habibi….~

My hubby is one of person who bit doubt if I am an engineer ^_^…. First it is because according to him I am not look like an engineer at all…

Actually…. He has reasons for his doubts because in some sense I seem very slow to catch and comprehend things, I solve things not like an engineer, I do not talk like an engineer, I do not walk like an engineer, and finally when he asked me…. “Dear what your opinion about the failure of twin towers in America at 11/9 “ I replied him…” mmmmmm…. I don’t know honey “ ^_^

He said I am too much saying “I don’t know for so many things “ ^_^ He advice me that I should not say “I don’t know a lot of time” I have to try find out the answer…

Alhamdulillah good advice… Indeed I have to keep learning to find the answers of things... In these days so many people who lazy to learn and pretend as if they know anything ^_^. May Allah protect me from becoming like that... and make me away from them who act like that...

Actually about WTC building… later on I told him… It need kind of study and research to give opinions in that regard. There are already so many people who talk regarding that topic, there are already many people come up with the theories….

At times when he doubt my qualification as an engineer… I told him that he will not like if I act like an engineer… anyway I told him… “You are not my client dear that I have to impress because you already mine, I always inshaAllah be the winner all of your projects “ ^_^

Even the security in my office at first he didn’t know I am an engineer. He thought I was waiting my husband who working there when I was standing in the front of the gate.

A lady that I met in the street she thought I am a nurse ^_^..

Among of them who try to guess my profession…mostly they think I am a teacher…

Once time I was waiting my sister, I stand close to a street painter… Suddenly he came to me just to ask ..… “ Are you a teacher? “… I said “No”…. He said again : “ But I think you can be a good teacher “…. But still I am not a teacher ^_^… "Dont you want to be a teacher? U have the "aura" of a teacher"..... He kind want to say... : " Hey I am a portrait painter I know one's personality.... " ^_^

InshaAllah My reason to create this blog to make my brain keep working, to make me open my textbooks again, to review and review. Else all what I have studied for 7 years will just vanish “_” …. I want to share little [ very little] that I have.....

Deep down inside I want be a real engineer [if I am not yet be ^_^].... inshaAllah

Rytha N
Batam 19 December 2007

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Shadia said...

Dearest my sister Rytha,

Welcome u with new blog.With u'r oldest blog u produced more interesting article with other blog.we'll expect same nice interesting article from ths blog tooo.

Allah always reward u'r work
May Allah bless u
u'r sister